What is Direct Specialty Care?

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Direct Specialty Care is an innovative healthcare model where physicians operated practices will partner with their patients to provide specialty care services under a flat or periodic membership fee.

Direct Specialty Care aims to remove the traditional insurance-based billing system, removing the burden of documenting extensively, coding, billing, accreditation and contracting with insurance companies.

In this way, specialists can offer INDIVIDUALIZED MEDICAL CARE.

Enrolling in the DSC Alliance as a Physician

Specialists that enroll in the alliance must prove that they are practicing or interested in developing a practice that will provide excellent quality of care, transparency and affordable pricing at fair market value for their specialty.

  • We recognize the fact that in certain specialities there might be a need for just one or a few consultations vs chronic management.
  • We encourage specialist physicians to offer chronic management membership to patients for best medical experience and continuity of care.
  • We will help physicians find the best resources for testing, imaging and medication to help their patients access affordable and transparent pricing for their healthcare needs.
  • We aim to educate the patients and employers about the benefits of providing direct care. As many patients are becoming more familiarized with the concept of direct primary care, our goal will be to educate patients about the benefits of having a direct relationship with their specialists too.