Scaling Your Direct Specialty Care Practice: Key Financial Advice for Growing Clinics

 Managing the growth of your Direct Specialty Care Practice involves navigating a complex landscape of financial planning and decision-making, right? At SigmaMD we’re committed to tailoring the best All-in-One Platform for all Direct Care needs. So we regularly consult with numerous physicians to deeply understand their primary challenges and strategies for scaling a healthcare practice. […]

Hybrid Practice vs. Direct Specialty Care: Benefits, Challenges and Limitations

Hybrid vs Direct Specialty Care Practice

In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of Hybrid Practice and Direct Specialty Care to make an informed decision. Read our comprehensive comparison and analysis to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each model and make an informed choice. What is Hybrid Billing? Dr. Tea Nguyen, the founder of a direct specialty […]

Ten steps to start your Direct Specialty Care Practice

This year, I wrote an article that was published in, one of the largest medical blogs in the United States. I think it is important for specialist physicians to know that they can practice medicine in their own terms. Direct specialty care is not a new way of practicing, it is rather the “old-fashion […]

Direct Care Rheumatology

Direct Specialty Care in Rheumatology is a reality and can be practiced. Please listen to Dr. Diana Girnita’s podcast with Maryal Concepcion, MD FAAFP . Maryal is a great promotor of the Direct Care Movement and now the CEO at Big Trees MD, a DPC in Calaveras County, CA. ​  

Direct Specialty Care – A New Way to Practice Medicine as a Specialist

Direct specialty care is a new way of practicing medicine for a specialist physician. Learn about the emergence of direct care and my journey. This article was initially published in Delays in seeing a specialist are common these days “One day, a primary care physician located about two hours away called my office in […]