Ten steps to start your Direct Specialty Care Practice

This year, I wrote an article that was published in KevinMD.com, one of the largest medical blogs in the United States. I think it is important for specialist physicians to know that they can practice medicine in their own terms. Direct specialty care is not a new way of practicing, it is rather the “old-fashion […]

Direct Care Rheumatology

Direct Specialty Care in Rheumatology is a reality and can be practiced. Please listen to Dr. Diana Girnita’s podcast with Maryal Concepcion, MD FAAFP . Maryal is a great promotor of the Direct Care Movement and now the CEO at Big Trees MD, a DPC in Calaveras County, CA. ​ https://www.mydpcstory.com/post/episode-9-dr-diana-grinita-of-rheumatologist-oncall